"I Saw The Black Dog"

“Unreal Adolescence”

“No one knew the boys or their parents… I mean, that is if they had any. It’s not like I didn’t think they did… well, actually I never thought that. I’m not even sure they were boys to be honest. They were horrifying to look at. Not human, or possibly disfigured at birth.

While at my school I heard rumors they were in an accident. I tried not to listen to such things, mainly because I went to a very religious academic setting and not many of my peers strayed from their normal way of thinking. Yet I took interest in this story as it was very controversial to the establishments’ typical beliefs. It was too odd, and from what I can remember rather gruesome. It had something to do with them being torn from the inside out, like they got caught in an entanglement between two different perspectives. Literal portals of polarized dimensions if you will, that somehow manifested in their minds!

I know it all sounds too fantastical, but then again so is God. Heh… yeah if you haven’t figured it out already, I admittedly hated it there. Especially after what had happened. You see the boys only appeared at night, and they often walked beside each other, singing in a seemingly unintelligible language. It was creepy, but still not as much as the towns’ common wickedness.

After several weeks of being repeatedly spotted, many residents finally caught on to their obvious nocturnal behavior. Which unfortunately led to the boys fleeing into the woods from a violent and intolerant mob. They escaped but the sheriff quickly called for a search party to hunt them down! Eventually killing one of them! Everyone rejoiced and the fucks set him on fire and danced as if it was the late 1600s! They continued to try and find the other boy but they never did. I however swear I heard him crying every night. That is until I moved away and found him in a museum of paranormal anomalies. He was dead and displayed in a glass case with a debunking caption.”