“The Damn Bloody Thing”


“‘Of thees gates, where the daemon waits, consume the secrets of eld’…


…It’s the one and only seemingly nonsensical passage found on the unknown but stone like material. I can’t tell you anything more about it in regards to its physical nature. We’re not geological experts, and besides none of your professionals can figure it out so why bother with us? If you knew any better you would ask the right questions. Now we could tell you it’s from as late as the 18th century, since it consists of specific old English words not used until that era. It’s also possible it was someone who studied ancient Greece during the rise of neoclassicism, for example the classical models in western European literacy. I find it very reminiscent of the Hellenistic period as well, given the word daemon, although the term is thought to be older. Still the damn stone looks like a fossil, I mean we’ve never seen anything like it, and after what happened… Look I don’t know what to say, commit us I guess, but we think the words were written in the last decade. I know crazy, but hear our theory out… It’s a computer virus or something beyond… You see the word daemon in the tech world, product of Maxwell’s demon, to put it simply is a computer program that acts behind the scenes as a subconscious like system that isn’t directly controlled by the user. Eld also might be tied to this cyber taxonomy besides its old English and Germanic origins; however we still see a connection. It’s an abbreviation for electronic logging device, basically. And no we’re not referring to common technologies in the trucking industry… at least we’re not sure. Especially when you base all this on what happened recently…


…When we found the object in the ocean it was amazing. Not once did we question its genuineness, and that really bothered us. We analyzed it for days until our ship reached land. That’s the recurring dream we all have anyway. In reality where we visited is a mystery, as our perhaps plan has escaped us completely. I myself still don’t even remember how we got there. It’s difficult to explain but our expertise, among other skills, is all we knew. The only memories we possess now began on that soulless ground. We have forgotten everything else from our lives prior to that event and yet are aware of it. I’m not going to go into the details as to how this is functional. But given how our past experiences are so vital to our current abilities, imagination appears to be more complex than I had previously thought, yet I don’t know what that was. Tangents aside, our company investigated the land masses’ highly irregular old growth, with thousands of year old forests of much variety. It was hard not to panic as we started to think about what might inhabit them. To our disillusion, nothing did. Not a damn thing. It was only a matter of time though, and I still don’t know what to make of it. As we entered further in the backwoods not much living was left. Everything was scorched; dead trees surrounded us and what was even more disturbing was not a hint of moister was available. It was so dry we nearly died as the air began to strip our bodies apart. Then the literally bloody thing rushed at us with a horribly disturbing agility. If its eccentric acrobatics wasn’t enough we were too disoriented to even make it out, but blood splattered everywhere and it only got worse mowing us down. Somehow I miraculously began to observe its hatred for water, and it wasn’t obvious. I bizarrely came to a hunch, given its environment, that for some reason it was only harmed when I convinced the horror of the liquid’s chemistry. The dead groves were so mysteriously dry the air contained no hydrogen, as if something was forcing common chemical bonds to separate. This is likely why we started falling apart, but it still doesn’t explain the blood or why we survived. How I communicated with this beast is another mystery, yet once it realized the component of oxygen it appeared to die bonding with it all at an unknown radius.”