Cold as ICE & Funny as MIKKEY D – Hidden Valley (Full Album)

This album is a conglomeration of silly armature rap battles, although bizarre, that are quite hilariously brilliant in our ignorant eyes… As it successfully sees aside the commonly objective gold and into the jungle of good company and friends.

Please enjoy this good time high as a mongoose, recycled beats from who knows where, just having fun album. In memory of our dear friend Cody Wilson. May he rest in peace.

released July 30, 2012

Rap Artists:
“ICE” aka Cody Wilson
“MIKKEY D” aka Austin Ray

Special Guests:
Ft. Brian Bailey
Ft. MC Nerdy Macy P
Ft. MC Masta Chef
Ft. Jerry Cockleton

Album Art

Cold as ICE & Funny as MIKKEY D (Album Cover)