The Future is Yesterday

Daily Dose 004 - The Future is Yesterday

Alright you BASTARDS, like the snake of yesterdays lizard you shed it yet again. This time what in the hell? Damn thing over and over! Alright people of the lie, you fell for it again.

Should of focused on science and the paranormal, hell the music would of been nice. But nope rock is dead and so is your head! But I get it; the clamoring deconstructed, environmental wind machine can’t exactly stop on a whim. Hell every attempt at that was not even its sole intent. Can you imagine that? Well don’t, it won’t happen.

This battle for dominance will never end. For even after the human sludge drains out the oceans ass and into the magma, the radiant shift of alpha and omega will reign again. I suggest you find another universe, because the laws are set in place fuck face. “Ha, fuck face, I like that one… I’ll have to remember that when I’m banging your mom.” ;D Yeah I quoted SNATCH, this loud mouth of assorted letters are rushing out naturally… Just like the natural progression of conflict.

Which btw, if you haven’t been paying attention, no matter what goggles you got on… The species is willfully trying to change itself. HAHAHA! Yes its attempting to shed the old scales, and who knows maybe one day it will. But goddammit you bastard bitch horny cum guzzling fools, you thought it was the tall dudes with the jewels, the con men with scripts on TV, but if this new cyber web fueled penetration of the senses has taught us anything… The universe can be hidden in plain sight to those unaware of how to look. Choose a side or die right? Hahaha! Embrace divide and concur because let’s face it, we have yet to evolve.